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Prajakta , Anil and our two Kids Aarini and Mihit , and dont Forget Bingo

Where we are

For the past Few Years we are located in Abuja, Nigeria and trying to make best out of the difficult living circumstances  

Fun Facts

  • Bingo the DOG gets treated as a member of the family 
  • We have more than 80  Iot devices  in our home and Mihit thinks Alexa is his Friend
  • Last year alone we made more than 3 MWH of electricity which is enough to power a 100 watt bulb for 80 years 

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Home Solar System

Current Configuration



  • Self      Consumption DC coupled Whole House system 15 KVA , 10 Kwh  11000 Wp      with backup  20 KVA Diesel Generator
  • 5 KVA x  3     Victron Quattro
  • 6 KVA Fronius
  • Solarworld, Candian Solar , Yingle making up 10.8 KWp
  • BYD 10 KWh Lithium Battery 
  • Ziehl Islanding 
  • Victron Smart solar and Venus GX