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Who We Are

Prajakta , Anil and our two Kids Aarini and Mihit , and dont Forget Bingo

Where we are

For the past Few Years we are located in Abuja, Nigeria and trying to make best out of the difficult living circumstances  

Fun Facts

  • Bingo the DOG gets treated as a member of teh family 
  • We have more than 50  Iot devices  in our home and Mihit thinks Alexa is his Friend
  • Last year alone we made more than 3 MWH of electricity which is enough to power a 100 watt bulb for 80 years 

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Home Solar System

Current Configuration


  • Self      Consumption DC coupled Whole House system 15 KVA , 400 AH , 5600Wp      with backup 7.5 Diesel Generator
  • 5 KVA x      2 Voltronic  ( Axexpert) in parallel-  , 1 x 5  KW      Victron Quattro
  • 6 x 250      Wp Ritek ,on Axeprt 1, 255 Wp on Axpert2 , 305 W x 8 on       Blusolar 150/45
  • midnight      solar PV junction and   8 x 200  AH  48 V      Flooded  lead Acid , BMV 702 , 450 AMP DC bus with 250 and      125 Amp fuses on +ve -ve and midpoint from Blue Sea systems with 250 Amp      DC breaker
  • Powergen Self      wired ATS with 7.5 KVA 3 ph Generator - starts based  time of      day and SOC  to offset the battery load 
  • Powercharger Black      Hawk 3.5 KW /50 Amp 48 V DC 3 Phase charger 
  • Victron Venus      GX with tank input and remote 7 inch Touch display running on Pi 
  • Intel NCU PC      , Ra Pi 3 , IO gear wireless USB , Current cost ,UK monitoring Total power      and critical loads and logging to Measureit
  • Dreaming of      Lithium 10 KWH to add to 5 KW Quattro !!